Fall 2021 Semester is from Aug 16 to Jan 2.

Enrollment opens May 1!

New Course for the Fall Semester

Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 202!

At AWKNG School of Theology, we believe every Christian must be equipped to think well about the Bible by understanding it as a whole story, in its original context and supernatural worldview. Led by world-renowned Bible scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser, we teach to interpret the Bible in the context that produced it instead of today’s Christian tradition or modern thinking. Our students discover a radical new relevance and coherence when they read the Bible through the eyes of its ancient writers. Their eyes open to the supernatural meta-narrative of the Bible, and it’s like they’re reading the Bible for the first time! We make the difficult and avoided in the Bible understandable. A college degree is not required to attend.

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Unique Content

Our non-accredited courses offer expanded content by Dr. Heiser that you cannot get anywhere else! They are for anyone who desires to go deeper in their biblical knowledge.


Anytime, Anywhere

Our courses are available online and on-demand. You complete them based on your schedule and pace within the course start and end dates.

Designed for the Busy Adult

Our courses are designed for YOU! On average, our students spend 3-5 hours a week on a course module, which includes completing an assignment, watching a one-hour video lecture, and completing a quiz.


Course enrollment occurs on a semester basis, Spring and Fall. When enrollment opens for a semester, you can enroll in a course. We have three enrollment types, which are based on the timeframe you enroll:

  • Early Bird

  • Regular

  • Last Minute

See the Course Catalog for details.

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