Like Never Before

The Fall semester for 2021 runs from August 16 – January 2.

Early-Bird registration opens May 1st

Come learn what it means to have a supernatural worldview, dive into the Scriptures like never before as you encounter them in their original context, time and culture, and walk away with a newfound love of God’s Word and a deep understanding of the full meta-narrative of the Bible.


The Awakening School of Theology is led by Dr. Michael Heiser. This two-year certificate program is packed with dynamic and unique content that you cannot get anywhere else!

With-in person classes and online learning available, there is a seat for you- no matter what stage of life you are in. Join today and learn to experience Scripture like never before!


There are no pre-requisites required for entry into the Awakening School of Theology.

Tuition Pricing (per semester):

  • In Person Tuition: $499
  • In Person Early Bird Tuition: $399
  • Online Tuition: $349
  • Online Early Bird Tuition: $299

*Special international enrollment rates for Spanish and Portuguese.


Registration is required for each term of the program. Payments are made on a semester basis. Before the start of each semester, students must pay their tuition and fees in full. The $75 technology fee provides access to the Learning Management System that houses the course content, quizzes, and academic articles.) First time students pay a one-time non-refundable application fee of $15. Included in the fee structure is the licensing for Logos 8 software which includes most of Dr. Heiser’s books:  The Unseen Realm, Supernatural, Angels, Demons, Reversing Hermon and more.  This Logos 8 student software package regularly retails for $130 and is the premier Bible study tool in the world today.



The vision of our school is to prepare students to think well and be loyal disciples of Jesus. This two-year theological study will prepare you to engage in the meta-narrative of the Bible as well as equip you with a postmodern apologetic to answer the hard questions being posed in the culture and in the church today. No more avoiding the difficult verses in the Bible. World renowned Old Testament scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser will tackle those hard to understand verses and stories and show you how they all fit together into God’s bigger story. Armed with the whole story of God’s Word, you’ll be equipped to think well and engage a postmodern culture that is asking hard questions.


Executive Director of the School of Theology


The Awakening School of Theology and is a two-year certificate program broken up into four 15-week semesters. In the first year of the program, you will take a deep dive into the content of Dr Heiser’s academic work The Unseen Realm.  The second year of the program is a postmodern apologetic which prepares you to answer the theological and cultural issues of the day. Each semester will present dynamic and different content entirely unique to the school that you cannot get anywhere else! 

Students who complete the entire two-year program will receive a certificate of completion with the option to gain 6 accredited hours towards a 36-hour Masters of Biblical Studies degree through Redemption Seminary.


Because of our school’s partnership with Redemption Seminary, you can get actual master’s credit for completing the two-year ASOT certificate program, even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree. You can get six master’s credit hours toward a 36-hour Masters in Biblical Studies from an accredited seminary.  For more information on Redemption seminary, you can email admin@redemptionseminary.org or visit their website: HERE You can also listen to the following link:  HERE, which answers most basic questions about the Redemption Seminary MABS program and its relationship with ASOT.